15 august 2022

what a splendiferous 10 days. now in konigs stein

so much female flesh on display. So many hot chicks strutting around – seeing those toned and honey coloured thighs. SO much decolletage to gaze on. Quel embarrassement de richesse.

what work have I done? my usual political shtick. then I did some for queen;s english. I had an interview tiwht vittoria italiana there. close by. she is amiable but looks like a corpse. flawless english. was surprised that she called me inf or one but she might have work in the autumn

I did 2 lessons with a spansih lady. sara. my age – slender milf. 3 chuldren. would bang! dark skin and elegant. english teacher. not much I could teach her. chatted for 2 hours. some vocab. was a treat

Had been staying with solicigot fiorst day I had lesson with sara. train to wimblddon. foolishly got out and cucled there rather than train on to kingston. cycled to queens english . mae it bang on time

next lesson was on tiem. saras daughters wer eat stag lodge riding.

one time I cycled to solicitor usin the route she drives by. it is quote up hill. kingston hill admiring those large and super fine houses.

5 aug 2022

konigs stein

a splendiferous week or so

main thing is solicitor. twas last saturday when she came here> Mam had been over. picked up wains. tool them to dunlem. never met the wains. know them by repute and seen many photos. they seem most amiable. wish they were my children.

solicitor and I took a ferry on thames. had wanted go boat. all booked. just as well. ctost 95 knicker. everyting is going up. noticed it

we had a sernere cruise. admiring the majestic trees. I felt such ataraxy. to richmind. then bus back

we had sex in my place. do not remember how. sometime svery lovely dovey. someties hard and dark.

I had a sessin with felicity last saturay . ukiset. somehow made it last 90 mins. almost finisehd with her. I know nowt about UKISET. I made her fedine eery word to string it out. I am the superlative procrastinator. I can make a lot out of a little as lesie mitchell said.

had lesson with ukrainian woman on sunday. all I do is talk about what I have done. write it in goodl translate. send in english then russian. I read both aloud. helps me keep rusky going, she is a milf. but ending lessons now

monday. early lesson with malsyain chinese. v likable child now in the far east. usually in London. I like to crack hoes with that boy. then I cycled from kings to paddington. train to oxford. no strike affecting me. go there on time

met that hefty teuton kira. round and full face. at greashm holt. dislikes it. from munchen. an ugly version of miss world. flwaless english. lacks self assurance. told her all about das dritten rich. but she wants essya techniqye

met jake for tifrst itme. bearded. bro of carl. not so keen on tight arse carl, never met him he is away.

victoria isa way too. 12 years isnce we nsgged. wished I had ende dup with her.

had a BK. everystreet is repelte with memories. lost youth. The irrecoverability of it is galling. I was blessed to have such fun there.

I went back to solicitor. we have sex every morning and every night. in the bedroom almost everyt ime. snog. strip off slowly. she likes me to take command. a feminist. we have equality but in the bedroom she is sub. I usually showwer first. taking half a pill sometimes. some times none. she does not know. I get hard easily. sometimes hse falls to her knees and gives me oral unbidden. she is adorable.

we starte misisonary. sometime switch to doggy. she is versatile. toned body. wish boobs were bigger and firmer. pussy is tught. think I cam feel the scar. we talk. express feelings. talk about baby fantasy. it is most rewarding. i prss my cheek against her. I sense her scalding flesha agisnt mine. she cnanot come throygh penetraiton. sometiems I finger her first or rub my finegrs around her clit. she does it too. has made herself cime stmes before fuck her.

always brabck. we talk about that. natural. naughty. rusky. I am her impregnator. she is my pregantn girlfiend

always some insode.occasionallt cowgiel

one night we agreed she would be elezza. I said twas abueatulf thing she was doing agreeing to sex with a male. she was a vigin. reupiulsed by the male boyd. but she had to do it if she were to concie e ababy for hselr and her frilgridn. she seemed all anxious ans stuff. a superb actroess to my surprise. reasudd her. touche he genrly slowed yndress. she feared my thing. did it. she said twas not too bad. I said if she felt nauesya to tell me st stop so she could vomit. Came insierher. had tuene d alesbo

we cuddle and it is heavenely. there is a deep bond. I love her. we hisper about our stniments. best every. egtter than judith. wish she were younfer. it is hard when I see younger girl with bigger tits, thicker thighs and larger firm arses.

then one night she was v naugyty. going on about how dirty she was. doing to odggy. saying it could be anyone – I was. said she should go to glory holes. ananoymous sex. then I spat on her arse. lubed it p wth my finger. she agreed to be done up the bum. we got inot spoons feotela positon. she takes it into her recutm that way. buym sex. fucked ehr that way. a bit easier for her to start. into doggy. put it in. hurts her at first. she is moving away asing me to be slow. eventuall ia m able to thrust hard. dirty girl. I came in her bum. I was roaring from the abse of my throat. so good and wo wrong. then we hugged and were so clsoe – just enveloped in rapture.

then she want to see labour councillor namesake. I said you illw tell ehr I have just been fucked up the arse by a tory. I quipped ehr pal would say havent we all. that is what it feels like with this govt.

the house is magnidicne.t wodner if I coild live ehr. but she asks me do I want to kiv wuth her chidlren> ? she and I wuld have t be quiet. if radio rentals die it will sovle property probems

methinks pater shall die this year. heart attack. amazing her has not had a stoker.e gradnad had had one by hs age depsite living much healthier.

each time I speak to radios I think it hs been the last. nods is out of her groud. ranint on on the phone. not absoring what is beign said. soft in the head. no self awarness. alreasyt hink they byght the wrong flat. they cannot manage the stairs. soont hey shall be aunable tow alk. no futurte proodfing\

if they go to nrusing home it will eat up all assets

steeling myself for their deatj. Imagain I cannot steap to them. have I said all I want to ?> I have praised them alenty. have not insutled theom enough. but do not want to miss out on patrimony. would lie to know more secrets and to record their vocies. trying to get tjhem to come on skype and creoced them without their knowledge.

i tell mself f they die today so not be surpised. I am lcuky ia had so mcube arl warning. time to rpepare myself.

tuesday 2 aug

went to queens enhlish. kingston. train from herne hill to wimbledon. cycled the rest of the ay 35. mins ust made it. no prrpation

the old italiana vittoria not ther.e sgtudent eas sara. slender spansih milf. ,y age. 3 children. bronzed. english eatcher. chatte for ages abut school system. v few slip uos. some vocab. a genuonely enthraling conversaiuton money for old rope

a few phrases in sapnsih.

back to brixton. have a llave.

i do not remember which mrn twas I got big news. i told solcitiro want to join masosn. told her last week. she was not keen. saying seemed dodgy. bad for her job. so unimportat to me did not mention it to lately. only mercanrcy in actuaiton. pecuniarily motivated. \then one more she dropped a bimbshell. she told me she worked for cabinet office. did not see that one coming. tat is why meeyings are sensitibe. i had thogh it plausible. empoymwent mattersa re delivate.

I promsed not to tell and I shan’t. I quipped I woiuld then call 40 40s.

I have only ever alluded to the cabine toffice as that. to think how far she came to luncheon on white hall on fri 13 april our first tryst

i like lesosns with milan. fun and upbeat child. stories. little brothe.r sent him zaras birthdya

wed went to xoford. cycle from herne hill to paddington. it is a v easy route. in a peloton. I know london so well. jave discoeerrd hren hull and brockwell park. walka round it with solcitir

in the evenigns hse face time her childer as I am online with pupil

wed was at ox an hiur easrly. so busy. chatted to ducth young men ojn the way. tranalting a bit. need tgo press on witthat . it is boring that book . demotovated it is moeny. want to enojoy good weather and not do booj

I dozed in the common room a long whuke. then into elson. montezua. esaya technqie. showed her good oens

sarah H is the nibile oficr lady from ulster/ there are some others

female tutors are old and not too hot. south asiastic

I had fat german do some writing. was on my phone hope she does not cplains. she just alcks ocnfience an expeirne. jst get satrted stop dipalcment acity

been on phone to howell. happy in espansa

parents rented a car and drvig in spain. zaz said pater drov eher months aog. v adagerous. minor crash in eire some months ago cpuld kill himsled riving in those mountaisn

nods needs catarcr op. so iprresonsbke. I remmebr ahed 16 he demande di drive on public roach on cork. udner age. no porivisonal licne therepfr no on surnace. french car, perfect storm. pleaded not td rov.e said I could not guarantee I would not kill anone

I told solcitor how aged 5 he took me on his motorboe bolidn drunk no lights and no helemts and did B,X tack. wpuld have killed me or brain dmaged me. mom let him do it. monstyous we should have been taken off them

wed got back to London. spoke to hon sonny. tutptsia starts soon. want to see lord B thought of lucnehon for radios in Lord but when will they ever come.

I have been doing rpess ups

soslcitor helps me with healthy eating. shdirng priton size. had chicken at BK in paddingotn on wed before going back. had small dinner

she likes my jokes

watched something about amry iwht her. had neve seen it. I recall the postrs form 98

we know so much about eahc other

I told her I did prozzies. told her in bed. in dacia when it was all bad with evil one. have I done them i n this countyr. No. she caught the false note in my voice. is that true? I said yes. long silence. she sensed it was deceitufl. we have not soike about it again

s[oke to egyptolosit. he said never revisit he topic. I said should I tlel him of december crisis, he said no. no good can osme it it. he is rught. I have her trust. do not put a doublt in her mind,.

hope it does not come out. egytpolsit said not to g for palrimanety candiates list.

solcitor heped me publush kundle book. v easy. now we have acocunts

now maming many pDFs. mst raniame old comptuer and then get full articles saved there.

thursday. cycled to watrerloo. met sister. agred to pay for her day I sent her 85 quid. could not come otehreios. so poor

she borught ed niece sophie. v tony child. looks 10. pleasant and self assured.

huged my sysre. waledk to south bank and got boat to tower bridge told them thes. asgaist guie was a laught. I knew some of his gags.

on boats asked sophie tod aree to bakr. I dod to her shi and lidyl said I am er dad

poor thingf. mum is dying of MND. remins me hs wucky I am

then talked outsid tower of london. across tower bridge. and london brodge. tube tp westminsrt. shwoed them sutff. she si mor sicence nas matsh

spike to zaz a lot

walked to bills. paid for luncheon. solcitor was there. kiss on cheeks

knew she would get on with sister famously. tyey comaored notes on divorce and new men

I was crakcing quops all the time. expresisng horros and her being ,efit. remainer – fingers fown throat. feminsit. disgust, zaz is a feminist

2 hour ljcnehon. did not seme long. tiny gilr ate 2 courss. sphoe that it

solciotr was v femine as awlays. long drss. sometimes too ol fashioedn. wish she had younger skin

said by e to sister at waterloo

then back with claire. sex of course.

that night didsucsed fmeins page 3. objectificaiton. I said people can do anything and usitng over fmela eis fine. I sensed he es unahppy. we talked it throygh. she fears I shall grwo bored of her and move on when she hits mensopauyse. there is that pissiblut but did not say it

I like her . she is v good news.

have to steer away from abrtoon issue. showed ehr aberlour vidoe. to show her what it was like; prmisotna;l one made justa ferr i left

I kew she would cnnext wirh geraldine well

we exchnage many etxtrs. repxres slove a lot

I am not meeitjn pals. tryin to no one repleis

tmeped to go to cork for centrnayr of colins death. was there at 75 anniversatr. rememebr finding m y photo on a book aboyt him. okvie grene t shirt fron row. unmissable.

need to dleet off PDF thing in 12 days

sex this moring. hurrt her too uch so we stopped

we discused the baby an it turns me off . we are induated in lvoe. ehr stoless me how she hasll inform ma and how ma will repsond withe lation and rurpsue.

I have eb candia bout ebing a loser.t odl her of deace of disatsres and Mstud.

23 july 2022

what a good time. serene weather. people complained about the heat. But i thrived on it. grass is yellow.

so delightful cycling in such weather and breathing deep of the summer scents and seeing the deep green canopies. but now the leaves are ywlolowing. some falling an withering already. feel almost guilty about enjoing it. wish it were summer forever.

grebelsi moving to cyelong. what a time to move! I perceive the appeal of the respldent isel

so much procrastination from me.

this past week going to hampstead. yaziki uchit mezhodnarodnaya

been there in 18 and 19. I took wrong turn. got there in the end, nice and early. new DOS. v gaunt old chap with pointy chin. vince. amiable. told me I had a class of holy terroris. israelis. I said I was undaunted. will have had far worse

photopcioed. met ronnie. black brummy. met him twice before. he is convivilaity itself. shortish chap.

surendra, not met him. mike little irish italiann londoner older chap.

talha. tall britih nbengla bearded.

tom a chubby 50s britons. ceabe chaben spooft psoken an d warm

into the class. 4. upstairs. then come elads. basbeall cap backwards. noisy nosiome. usic on phone

then girls. shani. uniki. good looing and likebale child. c.ever and hard working. her sistye kehn fat one. khen did not look hebaric but shani did. bar tura surname

others? erez skinny and quiet. yarmulke. jewish -ish

there was eldar. remidned me of name or roamanin german israeli at univ. mr klein. that eldar was v dark. morcocan stock

then eliya. vitilgio. morccaon ancestyr he said. v argumentative. spoke of living me. sid I dod not love him. he pretenddd to be heartborken said he wanted relaitonshol,had to rebuek him. had beenw armed they were v relgiois and not to say anthng they would be hurt by

who else?> dark skinned raven haired stav moroccan too. guzel. brown eyes.

some bosy slept. did not mind them texting

was hard day. using things from book. I was unfazed. did not et them go to loo, was firm. told not to or else they would dustbrub other clases

break. coffee. chatting in garden. v late abck from break. encoryage them to got o loo. waste mor time

show them google image and tell them about politics. liz v rishi. sow them toruist attacaciton in london

over the week became eblaant I knew a lot about judairms

moria came. belgian israel. francophone. told her inf rnehc which she traslated on

ay tanner. belgian spanish chilean. francjpjone. onbes. guzel. tall, slender pale. rectangular face. plainish. thin lips. dark brown hair past shoulders. strong accent. good english

got through the lesson

blone israel grouo leader was a lawyer. told her about elad. he is on ritalian. he took his pill. transfmrotive. asotunfing a differnt boy. difficent and docile. urged him to do so in future. oill was a secret.

praised him and eliay to the moon if they go something right

obese onalti yemeni noya. came in. said she felt stupdi t speak english. di she give me the glad eye?

they were observant not ultra. knee lenght skirts. short sleeves. boysa n girls togter\ in schooll there wer audis germans austrian and others.

I love hampstea.d

was tried at lucnehon. buying snakcs in supermaket onw ay down

that place is sight of lineratiosn from shops in bygone years

some days got tube to leciestr sq. lucnehon was a burger form bk. walk to waterloo. train home/ then snooze

last 2 days wlaked down to hampstea.d longon overtouen to richmond and 65 to konisg stadt

claire came on thurs. 3 hours off , baby sitter. had her kids all week

was good with solicitr she dfroe. took half a poill. secre. seems you can buy that love ption on internt. real stuff. is it?

we got in. sniiged. frotag estipped off. she suck med off. good but was hard. wanted to fuck her

she likes to be ordered about . lie down an dopen youyr legs.

I mounted her. fuckwed her. so good. press my cheek agains ther. feel her hot fleash agains tmine. punding. feel the scar in er pisy wehre they ahd to cut it for the birth. fertile pussy. differen tpisitons. dogy style. knowing it is barebac and she is not on cotnracetipm.w aha thrill. banging harder then, come nside rher with a loud roar

disturb the vicar?

we cuddle. enrapetd in oxtyonci.d rawing lcoser

btu she said I did not tocuh ehr . she has told me a few times. I was so over eager

we cuddled. she likes nipples swqueezed hard. would hurt anywon else. never knwon a lady to lke that

aftera a while I strole her labia and around. digita; insertiom. egts her going. I got hard and we fucked aagin. came insiweer h face to face. was better due to manual situmaltuon to begng with. she ahd been talling me of sapci aneocutne rhta turne dhe rone

I have ediied her with phrases she sarcaticallt calls chamring. lads mag speak. I am of the laoded generaruon. lez off. vigrign surgeon. pigging. money shot and suchlike

had to go at 10 or carriagw would turn itnoa mpunkin

she is god nes. I am tepte dby bigger tits. thicker thighs and larger toned arses. youngers ksin

wne tot fri even at parkers palce kew road. cycled. sparyed myself with BO. in I went

hard ordere ickter. reocngised at door.

liz truss was coming. used the loo. large open p;an kitchen

met the amster of thenhosue. forme rMPE candidtae. look alapae male. sona nd atugehr teens

paved farden. 70 people. know most by face

dr chochansrueg. then siama pyshciatrist o pak origns. would do her.a good altetive to siclitor of she jults me

then sara jane. fat but pretty. had had hair styled. seo femine.dressed v well for her volutpisu fgram. rubens model. tries hard at accesoroes. such glowing youutfhl skin. wuld go out with her.

chatted to a few ocfing dodgers

saw fiuza. ben and a few of the yiunhusg crowd.

then she came. I satrted appaluse. she decided do mignel. went up to her ated pjot. selfie. was to put arms in front of her. may have felt menacing. sarah janwe suggested tkaing it for me. she did. good one

sent it to everyone. later lzi puts photo of me on fb an twitter! I am the most phtoogenic. maybe my creaisng at the eys smile was so gneuone and I am youngish. did not want to be seen with all crusites.

had a moretti. cycled hoe

spoke to solcitor at 10: 30 for an hour. chldren late going tyo bed. she is a v devoted mother

ta reunt sentin. mrotage now or never. if never then minsume tax return and put it itno a loensieon ned ecuction/ buy in italy with gay ray and tony>

pauout that geradlien got from demodn is low so she cannot egt a sconed place.

wish I were child ree.

saw my wane last sunday but think I ave write of it no? Up to suffoll. traina nd bike. evil one says swe cannot meet otuside. then change her midn .t typical he did not wish to got o saoin. no admanrtly opposed. no word form her.then etxt I am not taking him. could not abde the uncertianity. fi book she might cancel. every day fares rise an davailanilotuy sinks,

need to earn a lving

anyway this morn. woke warly. ank. into caning. cremapie is sentia. I trill to anugty girls li adreena winters. do not danatsie about solcitir;

solcitor spoe of lezzing off fro me. said I would get turne don by other chicls. woudl she be jealosu;. said she might let the other one suck me off. said it is risky. could we do a forusme . bbgg? we will watch a play about that. I like solcitor a lot but would need vairty. got to fight tampetion. spoke to francis abiut it and he said di not out yourself in the way ofit. saying I hav fg will make me more appealing to some

she called ealt. siduscc ed going to paly with solctior work for next week up in t eh air. hamsoeta dor kingston? kisngtion mesage don sat about mondya

wish I had taken 2 weeks in berks gaurtbeted 40 hours. but then no fuck with siolcitir;

calling lots of pals

radio rentals called toya. happy as larry in sapim. siesata. the go to bars. not too let down that I m not going out in augsut. I have no jib and need to eanr a living. sls not gaurtnedd for sept

bdding for more work

cycled to ahmptin corut.t ot millr d. young arowmsiths not in. went to old folsk. jenny sew my shorts. I wore a towle. trook hety out. she shaer ton teh avemnt

had a hot dog and then cycle doff home

lesson with annila. fun. v impresrf I metliz. liz I would bang but she looks haggard.

ohonesltyy cnanot decid ebwteen liz and rishu. liz is the right winger I have aleayd ream tof but is it all wishfyl thinij f rom her.

then lesson wtih sevetlana. woild do. telling her abiu liz. thing I find stumaltiujng. google stanslate. sen dher text in eglish then rsusiaj tnat is al we do .c ahcne for me to rpacirse rusisna. glad ther eis no sueoruntend and homework. then told her abit bull figthing

walked ot river. spoe to howell. happy doing DIY in saoin. spoke to francis. he is bsuty wuth step daughet tomro

w she is v leggy and bule broke upo with bf. but gerogtia would kill me if I made amove on evi.

A dream of a job offer

going aling in a car with an old white british man. he had white follicles and was selnder and pukka. he was v enthused taking 19 to the dozen . offered me at a job. bank. could I start immediately. Methiught of davies laing. I could not start now. how would I tell him? could O get a work in edgeways.

another thing. he assumed I was at baroul. at what point do I tell him? I had better fess up

prahps shows what I want. limited. my liminal situaiton perturbs me. want more solidity and certainty.

13 july 2022

went to italy lately. to gatwick . good time. busy there. had boarding card printed by solicitor. did not work. used it on phone. through.

full slight.sat by a dumpy female. landed. used eire passport. through in a flash. never been to firenze airport. waited by bus. no one coming. took the tram. bought ticket as inspectr was there

to the centre. i remmeer it well from 2006 . escape from yorks. had been feeling self destructive. place was teeming. aked fr bus to bagni a ripoli. wrong info. got into a bus. finally got the right one via indepenxia.

many hot american chicks. art courses. junior year abroad. same as startfor U A

got to the town. goodle maps. was thti sthe right place. low on battery. up v steep hill. one small backpack. but v hard going. of there was no room a the inn could sleep outside. v warm. hotels v expensive.

i saw it. old convent. fabulous. characterful. ferdinando main man. chatted to the little ey tie. v amiable. really liked helping us. spoke french. there as jospeh. small senagalese v likeable converted to christianoty

tehre was iacopo who worked rhere. slender middle aged italina half argentine, tattoos and smoker;s voice.

did not want tucker. in the dorm there were partitions. I retried late. A v tall whte male in the next bed. Spoke to him later. an Aussie from brisbane. 6’7” cheerleader. undergraudate

I met jeremy poland photographer. There was ana ussie writer living on vienna I met on the bus next day

next day awoke early. good brekker. so atmospheric. looked down over firenze. what a magnificent vista. the cirkcets were singing. idyllic weather

headed out. walked down hill

bus. train to livorno. enevr been. nbus to habrour videos. trubite to hselley. no one doign anytung for him. no staturte of him.

then train to psia changed. many torusits. an americna fmaily with 3 little daghters all in old fashioend hats.

some people guessed I was naglophones. tourists asking me info. was reading books on the way

viagregigo. sycled ther ein 2011. never made conenciton shelley. walked to the sea. made video on the sand. and then hme. british jewis write lived n aminstreet I saw the lagque

bacot hostel. had pasta dinner. ebegrtian.

spoke to daffy. a v slim blonde american germanic looking as she said. walked camino in sapin. kencutky did tht. I miss her but she never responds

on internt found someone witj judith’s name. tried phone number. recored british voice says wrong number. have address in bavara. guess she is an air hostess.

daffy was not that goo looking. fuckabel

thee was mary from belfast. actres.s nubile. blonde curls. 20s. smiley

there was madeleine . austrlain daughter of banker. live din Uk and thailand. light brown hair. v clen comelxion an slender. met her in corner shop down the hll from hostel. she speaks no itlain. i translated walked up hill with ehr. she said they had been plying her with free wine. I FLORTEd but she s nt taking th bait. if she had would I have stayed? Been faithful for 2.5 months. a reords.

I like solcitir. but I lost for others. I see thick thighs yothful faces and big tits. it is dififcult o tesist.

There was a fnch aenginner. raven ahired and tanned. walking to jaoan. forget her name. spoek frenchw ith her. I aske if she had a boyffiend . no. she was v obvosult staught. did she need a man? She was courtoeus an said no.

I had no towel usedbedsgtet. had to buy shampoo.

next day was friday. was in town briefly. filmed. crowded. must go in low seaosn one time/. back to hostle for elssosn.

writing about shelley. overoding it. not much left to say. repeating myself.

want to phlusna s a book

daily conatc wit solcitor; hone calls.I had pasta dinenr last night had brekker outside too. met a hot young ukraianin and her mother. would do the daughter. no kids allowdd there.

saturday. had to hang n. did lesson with sperber in the old refectory. everyone gone. repain for wedding

had to go to corutyard

walked down the hill. thre out red tres. so tattua nd oil stained

to the airport. wrong tram. turned back. almost missed flught. made it thank the lord

sat by two feamles desirbal young one and dumpy old one. slept. air hosteses as re not yotful vueling. ate lots of snacks bought on olane

back to gatwick. out fast. train. manages lessosn with annika and then svetlana. witsveta I write thing that inetrest amd and might be suefl to ehr. have her tarsbalet I use goodl tesnalet to give her in in russian’

told her baut sir akanak and italy,

suandya what did I do. cycling to ri lanak high commission

not seen solcitr; busy with children/ friday chld told me not to come on sudnay his b day. go karitng paryt. eman old ogress only allowed him 3 friends

bob agrnet does not come out to lay . I sugegst it

must get accountan tto geta wriglg eon tax reutr. nor repluing.w ant a ortagge

spoken to parents. in hispanai for foreseable. migth visit possibly half term. aleayd tafveleld at great epnse to italy. too hot and corwed in sain in summer

ludabell called o sudnay. v srpsied asked about me and rioad rnetal cage. going on hols somewhere.

Went t see arrosmwith the other nght. as welcomg as can be anne of rome was ove rbut her daughte ran drandagthe ewas not. anne will have been atrarce once

I have nerv seen jenny arroswmith sad. annoyed yes.

solcitiro is apanrodi. thinks I am goin to lave. asked me to be drnak if I am

monday. geraldine setled drivoc ebefore court cas. was surprised. did she weaken. Tuesdy she told me deal. money now. house . give him 5 bits f fnrutire. he ahs to pay school dent to milton bbey. at 68 she will get some of his shares.

I was on a cycle to hampton corut whens eh called. had hoped she biy somewhere I could co won. seems not

discussed radio rentals will. is with solcitor in bantyr. three names one os callagahm. ludabell is out of it. hope there is soemthign elft for me. flat in spain would sort me out.

spoke to rado rentals. say I am welcome in duquessia.

spoke to fridays child on his bd day. was uncommunicative. but happy. I can remmebe where I was on his b day so many years. Hyde park. forte de marmi. pitesti. singapore. colchester. turkey. lOndon, lONDON, London etc…

Monday. cycled t wimbdedlon. wenr to WSE. introduced myself. Jo K greek was there. no next week.O got it wrong . cannot have increased confidence in me. she has criticized me befoere

the other place was around the corner. went there. presented myself. forget the woman;s name. late 40s. brunette. bad skin. her son is 18 or so. photocupyung to be done. a 4 bedroom house

all children’

first class. upsatirs. poish. italian and others? milsoz wild hair. italian edoard arrogent but likeable. camp italina boy. arstist. wojetch little pole with cap. quiet. mariana little pole shy and pleasant. others.

then down to elemenrtarny. v bright tiny 8 yr old emily.. brtish accent/. speecy balck haired itlaian half jordianian.

two little itlalian on the left. vernica and something giglgly girls had to treahen tos eparer them

told them mi scusi mi presantere. sono molto vezzoo giosco graziois scherzoso amabale alta ma non maigor me molot piace cuando me serivre de la lingau de dante aligehrie etc.. was able to explocate tasks in their langauge

katay. quiet ukrainian. big for her age. glasses. diffifent. onuc. guzel.

little black french one. 9 angelic. tracey.

some boys. cheeky little italian.

big glasses gaul. ooze I call her. rower. slender. sports ear. onuc guzel. tanned. hair tired back down to elbows.

advanced. matthie french myheught. myrrel black frnech. 15 guzel. slender quiet.

alberto and frnaceos. 2 msucualr italian bros. puglia

badiera. iranian intuey. vamaible chap chatty

mille. dane. skinny. guzel yok. self assured. likeable. narrow face and nose.

arian? spain. tall. tanned. slendeer. black hair. v dark. guzel.

ellya. dawn land adriatic. unuc. guzel guzel. did ballertic move for us.w ant to go to oxford

ferndnaod little spanird wrote on board for me.

ideas for prof uni

Manuela – weight loss


Francesca. weight.

Davina. mistake> hauteur?

Kathleen. loo

Chantal. dullness. mashed.

philippa. insolence. disagree with mercy to Heloise.


Builder. spelling

parisa. ugliness.

clare. dissent. weeping.

cassie. hair?

Hannah. weight. spelling.


kirsty. lying. idling. bf.

Ricarda. loo. lying. impudence.


stephanie. rudeness.

grace. disgrace.

Kath. smoking.

Japan. disruption.


Katie. showing. nose.

cyprus. playing victim.




bridie. rude

jenny. rude.



georgia. rude

thornton rude.

lucy rude.


stefania. rude

fat. rude.

gabi twin. rude

Eve, rude.












Prof. spelling test

PROF. spelling test

Kathleen. Ricarda.
The two girls had been going out of lectures at uni a lot to go to the loo. Prof decided to teach them a lesson
both were woken up half an hour early and brought to the gym in pyjamas. they were not allowed to go to the look
Prof ordered them to strip under the threat of the cane. Both did so under protest
”protest means penalty strokes for both” he glowered. He noted with satisfaction both were bald down there as per regulations.
Both were given a litre of coffee to drink and a minute to drink it or face a dozen strokes. the coffee was cold so easy to drink fast.
bith were made to lie on a table on their elblows and knees with a bucket beneath each
Prof was behind ricarda. she was 23 and hefty – asthmatic. dark blonde hair with a pink alice band. a fleshy face and pale blue eyes.
adam was behind kathleen. 23. slender and middle height. mid brown hair down to her nipples. She had horse teeth and a larhe nose. she was short sighted and had mottled skin. Her bum was small
both had a hot wet sponge rubbed on their arses.
ricarda broke with in seconds – shifting as her knees hurt.
prof dealt her a stroke across the arse with a 4 foot rattan cane. The girl yelped. penalty stroke.
It cost 14 000 pence and he intended to use it 14 000 times a week. 2 000 a day. 200 strokes a minute. That was 10 hours of work. He loved his job.
”move a muscle and you will be caned.”
”you did not tell us that” said Ricarda. He striped her bare behind again. she screamed. penalty. he saw the pinkness comes into her cheek
”If you piss you will be caned until you stop” said Prof
”Please can I go to the loo?” asked Ricarda. that deserved a vicious swish across her behind. A reddish line developed across her snow white butt.
”no more questions.”
a minute later they were made to drink another litre of cold coffee. their hearts were speeding up
”coffee is a strong diauretic you will not be able to hold it for long.” prof cackled. ” you drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day. urinte 1 litre as soon as you get up in the morning. it is getting up time now. You have just had 2 litres of strong coffee.”
kathleen moved her elbow. Adam dealt her a harsh bloe. She screamed. He had been drustrated to wait so long for sport.
”I have drawn blood on the first.” said adam
another minute and another coffee.
ricarda had not finished hers on time. She was given six smart strokes . ”ow ow ow” she wailed.
penalty for speaking. she rubbed ehr behind. penalty for monvig her hand.
finally ricarda cpuld not bear it. she started to wee.
”stop” said rpof strongly. Hw began canung every five seconds. ”I cannot stop” she saud. penalty strokes for speaking, after 3 strokes she managed to stop
”this will teach you bladder control.”
he could see the distress and embarrassment on their faces.
They continued like this until they had had 10 coffees in 20 minutes.
at that point ricarda burst. the pain was just too great. she could not controlm her bladder. she empited her bursting bladder into the bucket below. All the while Prof lashed her violently. It took a dozen strokes. She yelled as the crimson lines added up on her naked posterior. She had begun to bleed.
Then kathleen ciuld hold it in no linger. she too began to micturate. Adam was elated and lost no time in hitting her arse hard with the 4 foot rattan. His style was unsophoticated but strong. Kathleen ‘s slender bottom paid fdearly. she screamed as a latticework of lines were marked on her round little arse.
Once their bladders were empty they were made to stand up and had their hands cuffed behind their backs. A cup was dipped into the bucket of each girl. She was made to drink the other’s urine on pain of a dozen strokes. They were held by the hair as a cup was forced to their mouth. they found it repugnant and tried to turn away. but they were forced to drink the dark yellow liquid.




Uni discipline

University discipline

Prof Caning had just been installed as the chancellor. The severe man stood 6’3” and was powerfully built. He walked into his first assembly. The undergraduettes were all gathered there below the stage.
The Prof stood and addressed them. ”Good morning. You should know right from the very first moment that I am a severe disciplinarian. There has been far too much laxity around here. Ye shall feel the smack of firm government!” his lips smacked as he said it. There was rising anxiety among his auditors. ”Be it known that I am utterly merciless. I have no better nature to appeal to. Doctrine shall be believed and obeyed. The slightest transgression shall be harshly penalised. The old regime is out. It is no more Mr Nice Guy. I am here to root out blasphemy and backsliding. Davina – come to the stage.”
The 23 blonde was horrified to hear her name called. She was a girl of few words. She stood 5’8” and was broadly built. She had a round but very pretty face and exceptionally palid skin though the complexion was healthy. She immediately stood up and pointed to her sternum mouthing ”me?” as she looked at the prof.
”Yes you. Are you calling me an idiot? As though I would get something wrong.”
In a minute Davina was on the stage in front of 500 others.
”Last term she wrote a paper saying that it is acceptbale for women to be priests. For his feminist heresy she shall be appositely punished.” he boomed. ”You wrote that didn’t you?”
”I did”. she sussurated scaredly.
”At least you confess. Now – in the old days ye were caned through the skirt and knickers. But there is no such mildness with me. You shall be caned on the bare bottom!” he proclaimed gleefully.
Davina’s blood ran cold. the audience gasped.
”Now strip.” he commanded.
”Me, strip?” she said in disbelief.
”Yes you imbecile. Who else would I be ordering? By questioning my order you have earned more strokes. Any hestiation in obeyed orders and ye shall be caned. ANy disobedience and ye shall be caned. ANy plea for compassion and ye shall be caned. Of one thing you can be most certain – ye shall be caned.”
Davina shook like a leaf as she removed her skirt. She wore pure white knickers. ”And the blouse, and the socks and the shoes.”
Davina reluctantly removed her blouse and face away doing a self bra. ”That is no good you cannot cover them with your hands. Put them down by your side.” he ordered coldly.
She put her hands down. She was wearing only her knickers. ”off with the knickers” he barked
she slowly did so – hating every moment – and faced away from the audience.
”very well. assume the position” said prof. His friend adam helped him put the girl in position. A bucket was held between the front of her knees. If she squeezed it the bucket would fall. If she moved her legs agaprt it would fall. She was bent over arse out. Her hands were forward and a plastic cup of water was balanced on each of the back of her hands. Her face was forward looking inot a mirror. Prof wanted to be able to see her facial reactions.
Prof took his cane and showed it to the audience. he flexed it forward and backward – up aand down.
”This is a rattan cane bought from a singapore prison. It cost 140 pounds. I intend to get full value. before this week is out it shall have been used once for every penny it cost. This is the most painful cane of all. No more junior cane. This can can cut flesh!” he said with relish.
”I do not do things by half measures. No six of the best. I do dozens. I mean baker’s dozens. That is the minimum tarrif. ” he announced delightedly. ” there is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than enforcing discipline. I love my job!”
Davina quivered in fear. the stress position was beginning to hurt her muscles. He turned to her.
”Once the strokes commence if she moves her foot it is a dozen extra for each foot moved, if she moved her hand a dozen extra for each hand moved, if she makes a sound it is a dozen extra., she is to follow each stroke with the words one thank you sir please sire another. If she does not say this accurately in a loud, clear and steady voice it is a dozen extra for each fault. If a drop of water spills it is a dozen extra. If the bucket moves it is a dozen extra. If she pisses ehrself it is a dozen extra. if she shits herself it is a dozen extra. If she farts it is a dozen extra. If she weeps it is a dozen extra. If she closes her eyes it is a dozen. If she does not answer questions honestly it is a dozen extra . The rules shall never be repeated. A girl’s ears ar ein her arse. Therefore she learns by being beaten. Kinasethetic learning. Very modern – up to date with the latest pedagogical thinking.”
a BUCKET of boiling water was brought. a sponge was used to apply it liberally to her bottom
”this is because it hurts more to be whipped when wet. the warmth brings the blood to the surface of the skin and makes the nerves sensitive.” her bum turned pink.
He stood to the left of her behind her. His back to the audience. He had been warming up his shoulders. The girl was atremble. Without ado he swished the cruel cane through the air and it addressed her smartly on the creamy buttocks.
Davina did everything wrong. The dropped the cups and the bucket. She squealed and stood up. She failed to count.
”That is ten dozen extra” said prof triumphantly.
Davina was back in position. She could not believe she had just earned another 130. A pink line had emerged across the middle of her posterior.
Then the cane whooped through the air to land on her bare buttocks. Miraculously she managed not to move but let out a loud yell.
”Another dozen” said Prof. Adam was keeping score in a notebook. Davina said the right thing. 2
Stroke 3 whished through the sky and struck her naked bottom low. She wobbled and dropped one cup. She also closed her eyes. She said the right thing unless otherwise told.
”Two dozen extra” said prof
the audience shifted uncomfortably. they were speechless they had never seen anything like it. Davina was a model student.
stroke 4 sang through the air to plant a heavy blow on her exposed behind. She did not yelp but tears came to her eyes.
”a dozen extra” he saw another pink line spreading across her bare arse.
5 cut into her bare flesh and a line of crimson leaked out. she screamed out in pain and squezzed the bucket out of her knees .
”two dozen extra. I have drawn blood!” he was very proud ”I can often draw blood with the first blow. But I am just warming up and this girl has a thick arse – but not for much longer.”
6 flew through the air and struck her underbum where the flesh is thinnest. Again she yelped in pain. It burnt so much that she dropped the cups and rubbed her hands on her behind.
3 dozen extra.
7 hit her near the top of the arse. prof could see the pink lines empurpling.
”I leave up to 10 seconds between blows to let the pain sink in. it often does not hurt so much for a few seconds due to blood flow. hitting and hitting a second later means one cut blurs into the next. the delay maximises the pain and anxiety.”
stroke 8 hit her above midway. This time no reaction.
stroke 9. hit just below midway. she closed her eyes.
another dozen
stroke 10 was low and she screamed. he liked to see her tits wobble as he hit her.
another dozen. He enjoyed looking at her screw up her face.
11 he hit diagonnally so as to cross over with extant weals. She shrieked in pain.
another dozen
stroke 12 was also diagonaly but the other way and crossed over with existing strokes. A stroke upon a stroke redoubled the pain.

  1. He swung low and hit her butt from below. She cried out in shock
    another dozen. the penalty strokes were up to 260
    prof was warmed up now. 14 was harder and in the middle. again she shrieked. There was a torrent of tears.
    the students were stock silent. but davina had some enemies who liked the prof s handiwork.
    15 the prof stood perpendicular and hit down – a vertical stroke. This crossed over with several horizontal strokes. he was proud to have invented the technique. the effect was most gratifying. She shouted and dropped the cups andm the bucket.
    5 dozen extra
    16 was horizontal. She failed to count properly
    dozen exrtra
  2. horizontal. she counted but did not say please sir another
    a dozen extra.
    18 hit her amidships. she miscounted. a dozen extra,
    19 another vertical one. She didn not shout but did drop the bucket. dozen extra.
    she was forgetitng the muscle ache in her thighs and legs because the pain in her arse was so bad.
  3. she did everything right. ”how does it feel?” he asked
    ”it really hurts” she wailed
  4. she closed her eyes. a dozen extra. ”do you beg for mercy?” he asked
    ”mercy mercy” she implored.
    dozen extra.
  5. her blood was flowing freely.
  6. he could see her flesh was all purple. There were not many white lines left between the gashes
  7. she did not cry out because she was winded.
  8. the cane thwacked onto her last undamaged skin.
    ”the cane is half an inch wide. there are 6 inches of buttock surface area. I have you positioned tp stretch the skin to the max. with 12 strokes I could cover every half inch . by nwo everyewhere should have been hit at least twice..
    26 he aimed very carefully for where the lines were darkest. He hit ti dead on. she screamed and dropped the cups again. They did not bother fulling them with water again.
  9. he hit. ”are you enjoying this?” ”no” she wailed
    28 ” he struck. ”sure you are not enjoying this?” ”yes” she thought that was what he wanetd to hear
    dozen for lying.
  10. he hit her another livid gash. she screamed. the skin had been stripped/
    30 tore into her.
    31 ripped more flesh.
  11. the stinging was intense
  12. she moaned. dozen extra.
  13. closed her eyes. dozen extra.
  14. it felt like acid in her wounds.
    36 proved why she needed the bucket. she lost control of her bladder.
    dozen extra.
  15. how does it feel. ”it is agony” she wept.
  16. blazed onto her bum.
  17. He did vertically. it hurt so much that she dropped the bucket and her piss fell everywhere.
    dozen extra. I will make you lick it up later.
  18. smashed her bruises.
  19. she cried out ”please stop” dozen extra.
  20. should women be priests? ”no ” she replied.
  21. ”have you learnt your lesson?” /”yes” she screamed
  22. ”do you deserve this?” eh inquired. ”yes I do.” he said
    ”then In will carry on.
  23. ”do you deserve this?” /’no I do not.” she tried.
    ”evil bitch. dozen extra. you deserve you it yuou said it yourself.”
    46 he hit on the top of the thighs/. she dropped the empty bucket
  24. she closed her eyes
  25. she yelped. dozen extra.
  26. he hit her open wound. she screamed
  27. he turned to her right and continued omn the left buttock
    51 he hit her so hard she fell over.
    she fainted at 60 and was revided with cold water. she had lpst count. she fainted again at 80. he stopped at 100. he did not want to kill her.
    but she had to stand in the stress position as the others filed out. Adam hit her when she moved out of the stress position. then iodine was rubbed into the wounds and she cried.
    she was told to go to class. No skirt or knickers because of the blood. She had to stand as sitting was too painful.
    next day Davina was back up in assmebly for the same treatment. but this time only a dozen. she had a tariff of 390 to complete. She took a dozen on the raw flesh. She earned herself another 11 dozen.

So Davina was called every day to the chancellor. Mostly he administered this in his office. sometimes in the corridor. sometimes on the games field. her buttocks never had a chance to heal. nor did she have a chance to forget her error.

Caitlin. Pippa. Chantal.
Hannah. Builder. Cassie. clare.


Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She was 23 and 5’7”. She had a round and pale face with large innocent blue eyes. Her midbrown hair hung well over her shoulders. She spoke slowly and softly though she was intelligent.
The Prof had caught Flora speaking in a lecture. An example had to be made despite her flawless disciplinary record. This was a first time offence but that was no reason for leniency. It was a word that was not in his vocabulary.

Flora was called up onto stage. ”A dozen strokes” came his judgment. She quaked.
”But please sir I have never done it before and I shall never…”
he interrupted ”you have just earned extra strokes. Arguing, pleading and hesitating to obey.”
He saw the terror on her face. She fell to it and unbuttoned her blouse.
”Faster or more strokes” he said impatiently. She pulled her bluse off when it was only half undone. She had no bra underneath. She tried to hit her breats.
”Don’t cover your tits” he said scornfully. ”they are a good size D” he said with interest.
she removed her sky blue knickers. She stood stark naked. He made her bend over at a 45 degree angle. Her fingertips could just touch the desk. Her feet were together on footmarks on the floor.
”Move a fraction of an inch and it is more strokes” he said grimly.
”have you ever been caned before” he asked
”never” she said.
”A caning virgin. I am very proud to take the virginity of your buttocks. This is an experience that you shall never forget. I am teaching you a very valuable and very painful lesson. This will hurt you far more than it hurts me even though I shall cane until I have tennis elbow.;” said prof.
He was swishing his cane to practice. Adam rubbed her rear with a sponge soaked in boiling water.

  1. The rattan whipped through the air and tore into her virginal bum.
    Flora yelped as he saw a pink line draw across her bum. There was a delayed reaction before she danced on the spot. She did at least say the right thing. 2 extra
  2. the bamboo sang as it smashed into her perfectly pert posterior. She squealed and her hands instinctively moved to rub her poor bottom. 2 extra.
    3 the wooden cane swished and hit her amid buttocks. This time drawing blood. ”I have done it” he bragged ”a bleeder already.” She wiggled her bum. 2 more penalty strokes.
  3. the cane hit those buttery buttocks. she cried out and stood up. 2 more.
  4. the stick swished and addressed her ample behind. she shouted, ”please stop.” 1 more. She also swayed her bum. 1 more.
  5. the cane struck her diagonally like a /. This overlaid the pre existing welts and caused her to scream and take her hands off the chair. 2 more penalties.
  6. The cane cut into her buttery buttocks in a backwards slash. This again overlapped with existing welts. she shrieked ”have mercy” and closed her eyes. 2 more strokes.
  7. The bamboo came down. She felt a firey stroke spreading across the broadest part of her bum. She yelled and stamped her foot. 2 more strokes.
  8. He brought it down vertically on the right cheek where the lines were darkest. she screamed ”it hurts” and move a foot. 2 more strokes.
  9. He delivered a stinger to her soft underbum. she moved both feet. 2 more.
  10. The cane slashed onto her left cheek vertically where the bruises were worst. They burst open and claret came out. it hurt so much she forgot to count or thank him. 2 more.
  11. He reserved all his strength for an almighty / on her right cheek. ”oww- eee” she sqeuealed and closed her eyes. 2 more .

”that completes the tariff for today. You have earned another 24 penalty strokes. These shall be administered tomorrow.”
sure enough next day she was summoned to his office. 6 strokes can be delivered a minute if doing it properly. Therefore 30 in 5 mins. Prof was a bit fast and did them in 3 mins.
this time she bent over his desk. Her feet were planted wide on footmarks. before he even began she weed herself. That earned her an extra 6.
Flora was paraded around to show the artist’s pallet of colours on her bare arse. she could not sit or lie on her back for a week.
Behaviour was very good. Prof boasted that he would ensure all got good marks!